Some changes I have noticed in myself, while comparing the late-twenties me to the early-twenties me…

1. Plugging the charger into the socket, but not plugging in the charger to the laptop, and wondering why the laptop battery doesn’t charge.

2. Taking a look at the increasing grey in my hair, every time I see a mirror.

3. Wanting to wear a helmet when on the bike. Wanting to skip the bike and take the car instead.

4. Preferring sleep over a night-out of dancing.

5. Realizing more and more how much one takes their parents for granted.

What changes have you seen?

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2 Responses to Age?

  1. Manjiri says:

    6.Eat poli-bhaji-waran-bhat at home rather than going to a restaurant !
    7.Exercising (well almost) regularly !

    8.Checking the gas connections, geyser and door locks thrice before venturing out !

  2. Manasee says:

    @Manju – and to think we used to make fun of aai for #8 😀

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