Your best friend – Google

All you IT folks out there, please….please remember this. Whenever you have any technical question, do not pick up that phone and call your colleague. Do not walk over to your neighbors desk and interrupt what they might be doing. Instead, try your best friend – Google. Google has more than a trillion articles and pages that it can look up to answer any, I repeat, ANY question you might have. And it does a darned awesome job at searching those trillion pages too. Chances are, that most likely, you will get your answer in less than a minute of searching. Sadly, I see very few people around me using this amazing resource at work to their benefit.

It is not stupid to have questions, but it is undoubtedly stupid to not use the vast information at your fingertips, and lose a chance to become a little more self reliant in the pursuit of knowledge.

If I had a penny for the number of times I have answered questions about some tool or framework setting, all that could be found on the first 3 googled result links, if only the person had bothered to look it up….well, I wouldn’t be doing this job, but that’s another story.

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