The day I thought I was going to die

Today was scary. S*** scary.

Since morning, the weather was stuffy and rainy, very reminiscent of Pune monsoons. The kind of weather that makes you want to drink hot chai and watch the rain. But by noon, the weather gods had started to unleash their fury. The skies had become dark, and clouds had started to rumble. indicated that the area was going to get a severe thunderstorm, so I closed all the windows, got my plants inside, and waited for the rain to stop.

In just a few minutes, the seemingly innocent rain had transformed into an incessant downpour, accompanied by winds speeding over 60 mph. I checked again and found out that the area was marked for a severe tornado!! I was reminded of the episode in Desperate Housewives where the entire street gets wiped out by such a tornado. The lightening had increased and thunder was roaring in the background. The trees were swaying wildly and looked as if about to break any moment.

Now, the sane thing to do in a thunderstorm is to go to a basement. But since we do not have one, I decided to take refuge in our small closet. I had read somewhere that one should cover up with blankets and pillows in the event of a tornado. So there I was, in a tiny closet, under piles of blankets and pillows, with my laptop at the side (to check At that moment, I thought I was going to die. All I wanted to do then was talk to my husband. The busy guy that he is, he did not pick my call :(. I sent him a message, hoping that the message would not be my last communication with him, and waited for the wind to stop howling and the rain to stop pouring.Those were probably the worst few minutes of my life.

About ten minutes later, the skies cleared up, and the sun shone again. All was well 🙂

P.S. Yes, I thank J.K.Rowling for the last line. Just seemed so apt here, no?

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