Attempts at writing

Writing has never been one of my strengths. I have never written witty mails, or funny posts, or insightful comments on blogs. I was one of those unfortunate kids who have to memorize their essays before language exams. Yet, I always wanted to write.

Sure, I had that sporadic bout of penning down what I called poems. I remember something on the lines of “Its evening, the sky is gray…little birdie is done for the day”. So you see why no one (except my dear mom) gave it a second (or even a first) glance. As I started college, I tried my hand at shayari, but was rudely reminded of how extremely limited my command over the language (both Hindi and Marathi) was. When a friend started a band, I again tried to write a few songs for them to play. It should suffice to say that I was never invited to their practice sessions after that.

Not a problem, I thought. Maybe I am not creative enough. Maybe I cannot write something original. Not to be daunted, I started translating an English book into Marathi. Few pages into the book, I gave up after trying to translate a knock-knock joke to Marathi. (Try it, believe me, its not as easy as it sounds!)

I come from a family where almost everyone is a writer. My mom writes poetry, dad writes articles and travelogues, aunt and grand-dad are both published poets…the list goes on. I had missed that writing gene. But yet, I wanted to write. A part of me wanted to be like those super cool bloggers who churn posts after posts on varied topics, host heated discussions, and more importantly, have an opinion. The other part just did not want to give up!

So, this blog will be my sounding board. Now that I have taken the first step, I hope I will get into the habit of writing regularly, and eventually, writing well 🙂

Read on!

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3 Responses to Attempts at writing

  1. Vrushank says:

    Good job! Keep writing!! 🙂

  2. Lee says:

    Pffft. You can write. You are unique and so are your posts – ‘super cool’ is cliche, man!

  3. Manasee says:

    @Vrushank – Thanks!
    @Lee – You are my inspiration babe 🙂

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